Let’s Play Guitar

Hello guitarists and aspiring guitarists. Lets have some fun. This blog is to show some of the things I have picked up about guitar playing and music in general over the years. Hopefully you can get something out of it.

I teach private and group lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please bear with me as I sort the whole blogging thing out.

Aloha, Kimo.

4 Responses to Let’s Play Guitar

  1. Renee says:

    This is really great Kimo. I will definitely refer children and others interested in learning to your site. I myself will be brushing up on my technique with you. Thanks

  2. Carol says:

    Do you have some audio?

  3. Lisa Halton says:

    Kimo, thank you for being you & for supporting my adventure into music land. It has been (& continues to be) a wonderful trip of learning & discovery and also of healing. I’m always impressed with your knowledge and skill. You are a very, very fine teacher. Always able to break things down into doable pieces, always accompanying in whatever way is most useful; sometimes inspiring with beautiful arpeggios, sometimes emphasizing the rhythm when I’m not getting it. I cannot imagine a better teacher!

  4. Lisa says:

    I have known guitar teachers that ask, “What do you want to learn?” Then with varying degrees of relevance, they determine what they are prepared to convey & the lessons follow their ability to teach particular songs or elements of music theory, etc.. The lesson content feels rigid & confining.
    Kimo on the other hand asks, “What do you want to play?” Even if you desire to play some obscure piece of music that he has never heard, he will listen to it once or twice, then proceed to play it in short order on a level that sounds stage-ready. From there, he can jot down the chords/tablature & teach you to play it,; arpeggios, rhythm, embellishments, etc.. Unbelievably fun!!
    Also, many song books, YouTube videos & online resources for song chord progressions are incomplete (at best) or simply wrong. Kimo can listen to the song & accurately discern the chords & more & give you the roadmap to mastering the song. I’ve not met another teacher who has the ability, skill & versatility that Kimo has. He obviously loves to make music and his enthusiasm is contagious.?

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