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Now Teaching In Berkeley

I am pleased to be offering music lessons in a safe and serene location in Berkeley. I offer instruction in electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and ukulele. Contact to find out more!   ph/txt: 415 286 1315   … Continue reading

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Ukulele lessons

Tell your friends!

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Sitting and playing

Much of your guitar playing will be taking place while you are sitting so let’s talk about the best way to hold the guitar in this position. I see many beginning guitar players struggle unnecessarily because they tend to stabilize … Continue reading

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From chord to chord

O.K. , so you’ve got some chords under your belt and now it’s time to put them together. What we are looking for is the ability smoothly transition from one chord to the next. I have a couple of tricks … Continue reading

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Guitar Anatomy

I will often refer to different parts of the guitar in these posts, so here is an annotated shot of my old Gibson S.G.(bonus question:what does S.G. stand for?). It has been around much of the world the world with … Continue reading

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Tablature, explained

Tablature or “tab” for short is another way to write things down for guitar, and other stringed instruments. It differs from musical notation staff in some key ways: 1) It has six lines instead of five. One line for each … Continue reading

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Totally Extreme Grids

Most of the time, you get boring old guitar grids to learn your chords on. And those are fine, really. But these new ones I just made are at least 33 percent more radical, don’t you agree? Flying V chord … Continue reading

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Chord Grids(doodley-doooo-do-do-do)

For those who don’t know already, chord grids explained. Chord grids  are just a visual representation of the guitar fretboard positioned vertically. so this…….. means do this…… and it should look like this: By the way, this chord is called E Major. … Continue reading

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Blank guitar tablature with chord grids

Often it helps, when the writing down tabs wholesale mlb jerseys for certain arpeggios , to be able to see Lesbo the chord shape too. I think the cheap jerseys eye can Those make quicker sense of what is happening, … Continue reading

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Names of the strings, part two

Especially with young beginners, the a Sony mnemonic device really helps to memorize the names of HP the notes on each open string: 1 E is for  every or elephants for example 2 B Guitar is cheap jerseys free shipping for___________________ … Continue reading

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