Sitting and playing

Much of your guitar playing will be taking place while you are sitting so let’s talk about the best way to hold the guitar in this position.

I see many beginning guitar players struggle unnecessarily because they tend to stabilize the guitar with the left hand, often to the point of actually carrying the neck. This practice makes the left hand and arm do too much work, and does not allow the freedom of movement needed for playing.

In fact, it is quite possible and preferable to stabilize the guitar without touching it with your hands at all!

To do this, think of these three places as your main points of contact with the guitar:

1 The right thigh
2 The right side of your chest
3 Your right forearm

You should be able to balance the guitar using only these three spots.

Try it, and I think you will find that chords, especially, are much easier. It takes some of the wraslin’ out of it.


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